Turn your Next destination to Tana Toraja

visiting tana torajaFirst , i want to ask you..

Do you have visiting Tana Toraja ??

If your answer is yes, maybe you should go to my next page,cause you will absolutely aggree that Tana Toraja Is Wonderfull and thats all i want to write to this post..

If  your answer is no ,your must read  post about Tana Toraja

About Tana Toraja,is Tana Toraja is located in Indonesia ,precisely province of South Sulawesi.I f we talk about Tana Toraja, honestly it will never end.Once you go to Tana Toraja you will never forget the experince.

Based on my experience ,Tana Toraja such a place that bring us to know about the people  that have a  different way of life,about what they believe ,and what they do to respect for their ancestors that we can’t imagine this days,and many interesting experince all in one.

People Tana Toraja believe is  notionally Christian but most in practice animist, is above all famed for their spectacular (and rather gruesome) burial rates . After a person’s death, the body is kept — often for several years — while money is saved to pay for the actual funeral ceremony, known as tomate,imagine you can see the dead body lying on the bed on his family house for month or years  ( a little spooky isn’t  ?? ),People of Tana Toraja Believes that if someone died ,their family must sacrifice a buffalo to guide the dead in their after life .

here my snapshot using my digital camera that i bought and litte description for you to  know and you think will like it :

Tongkonan House

Special House in Tana Toraja is decorated with a buffalo horn is stuck on the front of traditional house.

*****Because of unique design of  a house, i vote 5 star on this.This is best kind that you will never found on any place on earth

Place known as Londa

Londa is the steep rocks on the side of a typical tomb Tana Toraja. One was located on high ground from the hill with the cave in which the corpse crates arranged in accordance with the family line, the other one left open hillside overlooking the green scene

*****i Vote 5 star on this,what a great place to visit.

Advice : Just look the sculpture eyes,you can see how real is they are ( spooky isn’t ?? )

House of The Dead known as Lemo

This place is often referred to as the home of the spirits. In the cemetery you can see the corpses Lemo yanng stored in the open air, amid the steep rocks. This cemetery is the combination of death, art and ritual. At certain times of clothes from the corpses will be chance through the ceremony known as Ma Nene

*****you decide,vote what you think

Bull Fight

tired to see F1 racing, or Tyson fight, you must see buffalo fighting,really traditional and fun to see it.

If a buffalo win his match, the price will go up to buyer .

**** 4 star for the match

Here the rest  of my snapshot ,hope you like it , and if you want some help about visiting Tana Toraja i am your man…just comment below..so Turn your Next destination to Tana Toraja

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