Best Price Store Gives You Half Prices

half price paypal shipping Want to know where go to shopping online and secure  and with a great price…

There is a new site that offers a very cheap price for a quality product, and accept paypal as an official means of payment. its name and truly is a site that is still very new and fresh, offering different products with cheap price, with the method of free shipping or you are not charged a dime for shipping the product that  you have buy.

Example prices: phone Category: N97 sold for only $ 122.99, how much is real price on your store ?? its the best deal you can get on the web, even very, very cheap, it’s just one instance. And actually got home.

My experience:

I find this when googling three weeks ago, after seeing the contents and the product moment, I am interested to buy a toy airplane with a cheap and affordable price by my paypal account, so I decided to buy it for $ 26.99 (which when in a shop in Indonesia for Rp 1 million more) and provide your shipping address saya.Setelah home waiting for about 16 days for delivery of goods free shipping via hongkong (terms of use say, for the Indonesian state takes 12-15 days), when the heart begins to doubt the arrival of the goods, the next day came the pack was heading that sent the package, and said I was wrong to write the address block of my house, and had to ask my neighbors saya.Maka wrote this article for sharing for friends who want mebeli goods from the internet with a cheap and affordable prices but with the requirement, you must have a paypal account and paypal funds to buy.
inilah bukti hasil pengiriman saya dari : This is proof of my shipping results from :

Contoh barang yang saya pesan : Examples of items that I ordered:

Is my toy look good for you ??

I can play now with the kids,,,, although the funds in Paypal is reduced, but you can search again in the category can be free dollars , if you do not already have a paypal account, click here

Many articles that I intend to share with each other with my blog… if you have any suggestions and other sites to tell please share in the comment form below,,, thanks

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